Erik van der Staak has been an independent program manager for 15 years, interim manager and expert on issues in the areas of mobility, public transport, energy transition and sustainability towards zero emissions.

He takes control and accountability in often solving complex and high issues in the field of mobility, space and sustainability and focuses on professional client ship.

My clients


My clientele consists of governments and transport authorities. I also support the business community, the size of which can vary from a startup to multinational. On a case-by-case basis, I look at whether there is no conflict-of-interest with the government organisations I work for.

My vision


  • Believe in the need for the market and government to learn to understand and work together better to achieve better results.
  • At all times I strive for professional client ship by my clients.
  • Professional client ship leads to significantly lower transaction costs, increase in quality, risk management and cost reduction.
  • Professional client ship is the basis for professional assignment.
My method


My way of working is authentic and pragmatic. An approach I learned when I was responsible as a merchant marine officer in a small team at a young age and had to think solution-oriented. Whether I was going through a severe storm, in an area full of piracy or we had to unload cargo in a war zone.

I analyse and get to the heart of the case quickly. I use management instrumentations based on models from Hamel & Prahalad, Treacy & Wiersema, Edward de Bono and Simon Sinek.

In projects I work together with renowned consultancy and engineering firms with whom I have a years-long cooperation relationship.

My skills


Technology and marketing. In addition to a higher technical training, I also have an European marketing certificate at management level: ‘European Qualification Framework for Marketing’ level 7. NIMA A, B and C. Winner NIMA-C thesis prize.

Further certification includes Prince2, Fintech at the Wharton business school Pennsylvania and Blockchain at the INSEAD business school. Certified Horizon 2020 business coach and certified BlueInvest coach at the European Commission.

My experience


Some examples are:

Successfully leading the transition to zero emissions of IJssel-Vecht, Europe’s largest electrified concession as of December 2020.
Successfully led the tender for the multi-modal transport concession Arnhem Nijmegen which was the greenest public transport concession in the Netherlands from 2013 to 2018.
Successfully lead the sustainability of socialized transportation in several municipalities and partnerships in the Netherlands.
Successful coaching on behalf of the European Commission of innovative start-ups in Italy, Poland, Finland, Israel, Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine and the Netherlands.
Successful development of block chain ‘use cases’ in the Netherlands and Finland.
Successfully shaping and leading the internationalization of Dutch Railways in Germany and the United Kingdom.
My activities


For my clients I am concerned with: interim management, advising sustainability, coaching start-ups.

I also develop strategies and carry out business development activities.

As a tender manager I lead tenders or support municipalities, provinces and transport authorities as  an expert.

Contact information


Erik van der Staak
Van der Staak Business Logic B.V.
New Orleans tower
Van der Hoevenplein 152
3052 MK Rotterdam
The Netherlands